Thursday, 1 June 2017

Geography- Building a sustainable City

Today we talked about sustainable cities and unsustainable.

Questions about how to build a sustainable city what you could do for your city.

What three sustainable examples stuck out for you?

One thing that stuck out for me was, excess power is supplied to the city, the heating water is led into the house into the radiator and that's how you get your heat, people put there waste into vacuum shoots, food waste is converted into bio gas to fill the local school buses.

In your opinion what three sustainable practice would be most important for the city of Ottawa?

In my opinion three sustainable practices that would be most important to the city of Ottawa are, vacuum shoots because they go to pipes that get picked up and brought to a factory that reuses it. Food waste transformed into bio gas to power all the local buses. Controlling the amount of energy used in your home by using an iPad.

Additionally, are your three sustainable practices easy or difficult to implement?

I think it would be hard to get all the equipment but its not impossible but definitely because of money.

Chemical valley

In Geography class yesterday we watched a video about the Chemical  valley in Sarnia Ontario, and what's happening here.

The issue raised in the video is that people are getting sick because of polluted air coming from the factories in Sarnia, Ontario. A small city in Ontario which is mostly factories and the AAMJIWNAANG reserve (First Nations reserve). Children have to go to the hospital a lot because they are having a hard time breathing with all this pollution and people are saying that they've been on boiling water for more then 19 years, and on bottled water nobody remembers the last time they got fresh healthy water. 

I'm not sure what I would do, I would probably try to go to a new reserve and try living there but I'm not really sure what I could do to help this problem I would try to talk to the government maybe and try to make an arrangement to take down the factories because of the children and elder people suffering and not having clean water. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Caribou review- reflections

During our Geography class today we had Carolyn Callaghan, who is a Ph. D senior Conservation Biologist. She came in and talked about wolf behavior and about caribous
Carolyn also brought in samples of deer legs and caribou hooves.


  • Caribou can travel more than 1,000 km 
  • Caribou have one offspring at time 
  • Caribou reproduce at a slow rate
  • They dig up 100 cm for  nutrition
  • Different behaviors of Caribou from different regions
  • Caribou are an important food source for Indigenous people
  • Caribou space out to survive

  • How to raise awareness of Caribou endangerment?
  • Why sacrifice one species for another?
  • Why is caribou awareness important?
  • How to raise awareness with corporations?
What I learned: 

I learned that caribous can dig up to 100 cm of snow with there hooves just to to get food, and that they can only give birth to one calve at a time. Also when the calves are born they are very weak. Another thing I learned is that caribou population are declining and the wolf population are rising, which isn't good.  

  1. What could we do to prevent the population of caribou to decline more?
  2. How would you help the caribou population increase again?
  3. Is it ethical to kill off the wolves?

Friday, 2 December 2016

English Summative

21st Century Literacy
This year 21st Century Literacy has helped me get better in a variety of ways as a student at Cedar Ridge. Some of the strengths I am still developing are reading, writing and oral communication. In 21st Century Literacy I used an audio book for Flowers for Algernon because I find I’m a slow reader and having the audio book helped me. So far we have read Flowers For Algernon, All American Boys and King Lear. In writing I improved at editing my punctuation and I learned more about poetry and writing poetry, with the story we read King Lear. A strength I have is oral communication,I’m stronger at at understanding the book when it is read aloud to me. My presentation skills are a developing skill. I’m gaining strength in my awareness of what skills I need to work on. I got to now that by my own reflections, in discussion groups I need to speak more. I had notes that I never really shared with my group.I have reflected on this and i feel like I should try to improve and then I might have more confidence in my voice, in the future I will use my voice a bit more. Shauna read the All American boys book to us. I am able to picturing what happens in books, I grasp the ideas, I get the concept and the point of the story, so in this way oral communication is a strength. I find I have a loud voice but when I’m in a smaller group I tend to be silent and not say very much which I need to work on. My last strength is media interpret I found that listening to the audio book was so much easier than reading the book because the book was very hard to catch up with everyone and when we were reading King Lear we were watching plays and I found I understood the play better than I understood the book itself.
 Matilda Show Reflection 
 The show we saw was Matilda the musical at the Ed Mirvish theater in Toronto on Wednesday 2, 2016. A song that I remember is Miracle played by everyone in the show. A lyric from a different song is “ Open the door Jenny you're being pathetic, open the door Jenny…” Matilda was played by Jaime MacLean, Miss Honey was performed by Paula Brancati I found that Brancati has a very good voice. Miss Trunchbull performed by Dan Chameroy made the show very well done because he made the show feel scary because he looked scary in the show, Mr. Wormwood was performed by Brandon McGibbon he made me believe that he was really Matilda’s father, Mrs. Wormwood was performed by Darcy Stewart she was very funny and had a very energetic feeling to the show, and Mrs.Phelps performed by Keisha T. Fraser I found her roll quite funny but very well done. The general plot is that Matilda (Jaime MacLean) was uncared for her parents don’t care about her and the principal is abusive to the children and how people don’t care about her. Mr.and Mrs. Woodworm care more about their son who’s not smart like Matilda they want her to be stupid like her brother when really she’s very smart because she reads books. When she goes to school it’s not what she expected she thought it would be fun and a good time and everyone would be nice or so she thought what she didn’t know is that the teacher harmed the children and didn’t care about them. MacLean did a great job. She was so enthusiastic with her work she made it look like a true story (to me) when she changed her dad's hair colour I actually thought she did because the change was so quick I couldn’t tell that they changed it. The scene changes were great you could barely tell that it was a new scene because of how quick it was. It was incredible. The lighting was perfect when she was in her room reading a book and the light just went on her and when she was singing the song “Naughty” the light was just on her and a man who was a father. When she also went and changed the bottles from her mom and her dad’s bottles of hair colour. The costumes were well done because it showed that the story was not supposed to be happy at the start it shows that the children aren’t happy with what goes on at school. They way the children were dressed made the school look like a prison the way they acted and the way they looked. I felt like this show made it feel like a true story and it made me cry but it made me laugh as well it was so well done I could barely tell the mistakes they made, if they made any, but it was great I was very impressed and I definitely suggest it to you all. The show was amazing I can’t describe it the lighting, the acting, the music, everything was great, I can’t say anything bad because it was awesome. I would absolutely recommend for everyone to watch this show for all ages it was funny sad and happy, everyone should absolutely watch this show because it’s great.

Friday, 4 November 2016

How would you help with suicide?

How would you help with suicide? Introduction My survey is about suicide and how we can help people who feel like they don’t belong. I found that the answers i got were a bit surprising to me and there were answers that were similar and it was shocking but it was definitely interesting to see what everyone said. Questions and Answers The questions I asked were: -How many people do you think commit suicide per year? And the answer was over 1, 000,000 -How would you help someone who’s suicidal? An answer I got that I found was great advice for someone who’s suicidal is “Life Lessons from Anonymous; you are an amazing person and don't deserve any negativity. You have been through so much good and that's only the beginning. Life gets better, I promise and you will get better,I promise.” I found this to be great advice. -Do you know anyone who’s suicidal? Now this is a very personal question for many people which is why I made it a multiple choice question but 4 people said yes and 1 said no. Conclusion I wasn’t overly shocked about the answers I got but I was shocked about how many people do commit suicide per year, and everyone had similar ways to help people who are suicidal. I think next time i could add more questions I just didn’t want to put to many because it’s my first time making a survey and I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad about anything. I hope that people now they matter to someone and they aren’t alone.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Blog Letter

Alexandra Vladescu
Cedar Ridge High School
275 Michael Cowpland Dr.
Kanata, ON
September 29, 2016

Dear Guest,

Hello everyone who’s reading this right now. I wanted to let you all know that I have made a blog for my school. On my blog I will be posting my homework so for examples poems, projects, etc. The purpose for my blog is to get feedback on my work, when I’m in a higher grade I’ll right higher level reports and try and find someone who maybe does the same job that I would like to do and get noticed and have a meeting with them.
Some background information about my blog. Our whole school is doing this blog and we’re doing it to get advice on homework and get the attention of people who have jobs and maybe jobs that I’m interested in and what everyone else in my class are interested in too.
What I would like for you to do? Well I would like for you to visit my blog maybe once or twice a week and leave comments on what you think about my work and what I should improve on and give me on advice on how to make a better professional project or better wording in my work.


Alexandra Vladescu    

Geography- Building a sustainable City

Today we talked about sustainable cities and unsustainable. Questions about how to build a sustainable city what you could do for your cit...